Immigration Letters (SOP/LOE/GTE)

Anybody can write a letter, but how expressively and well-constructed it was written is ultimate. The immigration letter is a uniquely written document used to give rigid support to a visa application. It gives clarity to information provided and helps the visa officer to understand the “intent of travel.” It is required by countries like Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other Occidental countries.

The immigration letter can be referred to as the Statement of Purpose (SOP), Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Statement, Letter of Intent, Letter of Explanation (LOE), et al. 

Documents/Information required to get your SOP/LOE written:

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Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Statement

Category: Australia Visa

The title of this letter is uniquely referenced to the Aussie visa application. Applicants applying to come to Australia are required to include the GTE Statement in their applications. The GTE Statement must cover key areas on the dire intent of wanting to come to Australia, benefits of the visit, family status and economic establishment, Institution choice, financial demonstration, and whatnot.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Category: Canada, New Zealand, Ireland

How best an applicant can write eloquently may determine the type of approach and process the visa officer adopts to appraise the visa application. It’s better to be thorough than leave things to chance.

This letter helps the visa officer understand an applicant’s study intent, course/program choice, career prospect, future benefits, and other intended travel plans since an interview (is rarely) may not be conducted.

Letter of Explanation (LOE)

Category: N/A

It’s safe to say this letter serves as multi-purpose. As critical as the purpose of this letter can be, it is also used to solicit for a possible overturn of a visa refusal and/or ban. This letter is also used by reapplicants to address the visa officer’s refusal concern grounds. When there are grey areas that may raise questionable doubts and/or undermine the visa chances, the LOE helps pervade light into it.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) & Letter of Explanation (LOE) Plus

Category: 2-in-1 Letter


This is a combination of the SOP and LOE. It is ‘almighty famous’ amongst re-applicants. The idea of this letter becomes vital if the refusal reasons to be addressed do not exceed two. This helps to avoid choking explanations and gives adequate clarity. Importantly, it is very useful in addressing contradicting information and/or complicated situations coupled with demonstrating study intent and other general issues.

Letter of Appeal

Category: Ireland

Appealing a visa decision is sometimes an alternative to reapplying after a refusal. If the visa officer erred in the process of reaching a final decision or based on the adopted discretion in the application assessment, the appeal letter will be of high importance.

Letter of Reconsideration

Category: Canada Visa

The letter is ideal for refused applicants whose application was processed within the range of prejudice by a visa officer or to explain (a false) immigration offense raised that (may) have resulted in a 5-years ban. For “DIY” applicants, the letter is an alternative if the cost implication of hiring an immigration lawyer in Canada to embark on a Judicial Review (JR) at the Federal High Court of Canada cannot be borne.


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Academic Statement of Intent Basic

Category: Course-based Master/Postgraduate Diploma program

As the name implies, the letter assists prospective graduates and/or university applicants with their academic letter for admission purposes into Course-based or Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate programs that require it.

Academic Statement of Intent Plus

Category: Thesis-/Research-based Master

This subscription plan covers prospective Thesis-/Research-based Master’s students. Before purchasing this package, it is strongly advised to email for further inquiry.

Academic Statement of Intent Premium

Category: Doctor of Philosophy

Prospective Ph.D. students can now get professional assistance with their Research proposal in securing a supervisor and possible admission. Terms may apply. Before purchasing this package, it is strictly advised to email for further inquiry.

Scholarship Letter of Intent

Category: Academic/Non-academic

The most valuable criteria for being assessed for a scholarship opportunity is a well-written intent letter. Other requirement grounds may have to be satisfied and should be taken very seriously before considering applying for one. Before purchasing this subscription plan, it is recommended to email for further inquiry.