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GCMSWriters also Ghost city Writers is an imprint that prides itself on proficient knowledge resources. We boast of writers that are think tanks in their respective fields with broad knowledge backgrounds not confined only to Immigration, Professional, Academic, Technical, Fiction, Nonfiction, and other general writing purposes.


We moderately price our services to meet the purpose’s satisfaction. The delivery time of our writing subscription plan is within 14 days for the Regular. The minimum is 7 days for our Express service. We prioritize our writing by offering 1  rewrite and 1 review. Any request after 2 days upon delivery will strictly not be considered. Terms and Conditions may apply.

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GCMSWriters create an everlasting impression because we give diligent attention to Topic Research, Words Application, Sentence Structuring, Keywords, and Keyphrase Application.

Time management and quality delivery are amongst the ingredients we spice our expertise with. We apply analysis, SEO – Search Engine Optimization, SERP – Search Engine Results Pages, etc. Our content delivery is high-quality guaranteed

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Our visa consultants are privately trained & registered immigration experts directly affiliated to no governmental bodies. Our strong specialty is not reduced to the Study Permit & Express Entry system application only. 


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Our preferred study hub for prospective students is in Canada, Ireland, Uk, Germany, New Zealand, et al. Our vivid search begins here. admissions@gcmswriters.com

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Ghost City is an online writing imprint with writers that possess deep-rooted immigration knowledge. We handle any immigration writing kind. Our absolute anonymity is key to help secure privacy. corporatepen@gcmswriters.com

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To restrict high-quality content to a professional set-standard, vetting content is paramount to its acceptance. We have a small & organized team that meticulously reviews, suggests, and corrects written content on various topics. The maximum delivery time is estimated to be 7 days. vetmyletter@gcmswriters.com

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We take questions very seriously. It helps us to understand ways on how to help improve our clients’ situation. Our regularity online allows us to give swift responses to queries seven days a week.


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We price as low as possible as a thank you to our esteemed clients for their token of encouragement in the delivery of absolute satisfaction and professionalism.




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The security & privacy of sensitive information and secret materials are paramount to our continued professional operations. Our SSL Encryption is how we padlock confidentiality and protect information. The secured Transmitting of data, transactions, and documents through our website is guaranteed. For complaints, reach  osaigbovo@gcmswriters.com

Orders are processed within the same day of placing a request after a subscription service plan had been successfully purchased and a receipt of payment issued. We follow timestamp delivery rules. Some of our subscription service plans require correct information to avoid delays. Emails are responded to within 1 – 2 business days.

Reading through my SOP made me realize the touch of perfection given to it by GCMSWriters. I got my PPR and up till the point of passport submission, I can confidently vouch and affirm that Ghost City offers absolute satisfaction deepened in decorated professionalism. It is a pleasure to be sharing this review, I recommend them.

Onoriode Eka
International Student,
Toronto, Ontario

I never doubted GCMSWriters professionalism. After a previously rejected study permit, I got in contact with them. That is how my visa case became a success story. My LOE was adequately addressed to respond to the visa officer’s refusal concerns and my résumé was restructured to suit my application profile accordingly. I am glad to have come in contact with Ghost City and thank you Osaigbovo for your selflessness.

Awwal Luqman
International Student,
Vancouver, British Columbia

I came to know about GCMSWriters on Instagram and booked a consultation session. My case was a bit complex as my study permit application was denied on the grounds of not declaring a previous US denial amongst other reasons. The expertise of Osaigbovo was superb as he constructively argued why the officer’s refusal grounds were faulted. With GCMSWriters, I got my study permit on my second attempt.

Stella Idogho
International Student Graduate,
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Professionally, Ghost City specializes in many things especially when it concerns labyrinthine study permit application cases. They are very formidable with the pen. Before my study permit was approved, I had previously patronized their writing services on several occasions. So, I knew what to expect. The study intent demonstration coined in my SOP by GCMSWriters was instrumental to my study permit application approval.

Mojisola Aderobaki
International Student,
Toronto, Ontario

When I received the completion email of my Letter of Reconsideration that was outsourced to Ghost City Writers after my study permit was rejected, impressively, the letter was written beautifully and eloquently. The construction of the letter was an ink touch of uniqueness and satisfaction.

Ehsan Moradi
Qazvin, Iran

Thank you very much GCMSWriters for the helpful guide and counseling throughout my whole journey of Canada study permit application. The received top-notch service was invaluable. I am more than happy to recommend your professionalism to others, cheers!

Josh Ola
International Student,
Regina, Saskatchewan

I contacted GCMSWriters and they wrote me a fantastic SOP. I was smiling when reading it. Thank you so much for all of the hard work invested in my application, from writing my SOP to double-checking all of my documents before submission, and for taking the time to answer all of my questions while I waited for a decision. GCMSWriters come highly recommended by me to anyone who desires professional satisfaction.

Michael Shomoye
International Student,
Calgary, Alberta
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