Exclusive Writing

Professionalism is the soul of Ghost City's identity. We approach every writing piece uniquely.

These are what we can do for you

Script/Skit Writing

If it can be imagined then it can be depicted in crystal narratives. Ghost City brings any imaginary ideas into reality whether fiction or nonfiction. We give narration to a storyline that can meet the satisfaction of the general audience irrespective of the knowledge background. We take pride in Promotional videos or Demos, Advertisement Contents et al.

Biography Writing

Ghost City has in-house researchers and fact verifiers to assist our team of writers to deliver high-quality content. We can help you reveal certain information or knowledge about you to your fans or audiences without you straining your voice to speak. Allow us to decorate your profile for that grandeur occasion.

Erotic and Short Story Writing

With our high-skilled narrative depiction in passing erotic interpretations, when it concerns a pleasurable story that excites the interest, Ghost City makes every bite on the peach a juicy lick. A firm grab on the peach gets the mouth wet and salivating for an active bite, in the process making the tongue readily erect for some passionate licks.

Speech Writing

There is more to understanding wordplay and the prospective audiences than ‘knowing’ English as a language when penning down a good speech that commands applause.

A good speech must be well-related to the proposed situation and how best to make the audience pay close attention to the said words.

We specialized in writing on diverse and deep-rooted topics associated with:

What is a Good Speech?

A good speech will lighten up the environment and its impact will be undeniably effective, simply by telling from the audience countenance. Our team of writers always spice up their speech writing with some touches of humour tailored to the occasion. When we write, we target the audience and keep an open mind on how to help them react and enjoy themselves throughout the presentation.

Book/E-Book Writing

Ghost City Writers is made up of writers from different knowledge backgrounds. We shape ideas and give them an impactful read. We ensure to give each descriptive narration a scenery of imagery phantasm. We don’t stop here, we go as far as to decorate our writing with good phraseology. Depending on what purpose the idea of the Book or E-Book is delineating, we can adopt a critical formal tone or make it spicy with humour if semi-formal.


One of GCMSWriters strongest points is rewrites. We transform an already written copy that is subpar into an improved piece. On some occasions, we approach such a copy by writing afresh with some key reference to certain terminology, parlance, or lingo retained.

Before we commence writing, the copy is thoroughly read to have the know-how on how to restructure it. When we are done, the readability of the copy becomes exquisite for intellectual assimilation. The beauty is not only in the refined content but the rebranded title that commands the interest of the audience with a glimpse.

Song Writing

Ghost City writes deep meaningful lyrics deeper than the abyss of the sea, which can melt the heart merrily in the rhythm of the soulful blues.

We write emotional lyrics for heartbreak, motivational lyrics for ideological evangelism, and discipline anthem for the street trap. Our pseudonym is Anonymous.

Ghost City core professionalism focuses on:


If your song will take above fifty (50) words, kindly send an email to support@gcmswriters.com


For a large volume Copy of 1,000 words and above, kindly advise us with an estimated quotation.


For other writing content or purposes, please do well to send us an email of inquiry on how we can further help you. support@gcmswriters.com