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Business values are an enticing strategy we adopt to showcase the uniqueness of a brand, product, and/or service delivery through the application of a unique brand slogan for easy identification. Products are customized through our descriptive efficiency in connecting the needs of customers to the product’s significance and market trends.

Ghost City over the years has created compelling copies for:

We are stand out with the creative and innovative concepts that allow us to develop content for:


The coined writing style gives the audience a reason to find the passion to read. When a published content is high-quality and interesting, it attracts more readers to visit your blog or website. We are proficient in several topic varieties that can be written to target a specific or general audience. We have several writing subscription package plans and pricing systems from two (2) to eight (8) articles monthly.

Blog/Website Content Writing

To drive traffic to the blog or website, the written contents are SEO visibility to help increase search results on the internet. We also write to improve SEO on your blog or website through the application of keywords and keyphrases.

If the blog or website is tailored to satisfy the reading needs of a specific audience, we use specific business-related terminology to drive home the message. This easily helps people search for that particular information, products, and/or services.

Technical Writing/Product Description

Not only do we identify a thing, but we can also as well explain or describe how it works in either tangible or abstract depicting. We give clear explanations to the series of required steps on how to use a product or to go around or in completing a process, receiving information, processing instructions, or understanding directives.

GCMSWriters take great pleasure in these aspects of technical writing:

Our work is to make a tedious task or ambiguous information as less complex as possible. We select SEO titles that can help product listing rank higher on search engines.

We can help you sell your products and/or services effortlessly!

Advert Content Writing

In today’s market and business sphere, advertisement is like a fertilizer that nurtures the growth and development of commercial sales and a strategy to influence public acceptance of a given product or service. We achieve this through the application of catchy phrases, slogans, or enticing sentence structures to give it a clear marketable narration.

Contract Agreement Drafting

A good agreement draft provides transactional security and covers any possible business relations loopholes that may expose an individual or group with the highest stake to risk or losses.

Proofreading and Editing

We scrutinize writing thoroughly by cross-checking for textual and numerical inconsistencies, incorrect or missed punctuation, misspellings, word count reduction et al. Ghost City carries out proper editing after proofreading by doing what’s necessary to improve more on the readability and tone of the text. A good idea coined into a sentence with grammatical and typo errors is as bad as a copy with poor ideas. You don’t want your copy to be unacceptable.


We do all types of CopyWriting. For any other type of CopyWriting not specified in our subscription package plan or for copy above 1,000 words, kindly advise us with an estimated quotation.